Adapted from my lecturer: Mr. Nur Rahman, S.TP., MP
(Thank you for the knowledge)

An egg will be damaged in 10-14 days (room temperature). Kinds of damage include:
1. Cracked eggshell, it cause of :
– collision, pressure –> they make alteration of smell, microorganism attack, loss of H2O and CO2
– Thin eggshell with wrong packaging and distribution.

2. The growth of embrio ( Heat Spot). It looks like little red ring on egg yolk (“Blood ring”). It cause of: embrio temperature (38oC) and it make embrio to be dead.

3. The absorbtion of egg water. It cause of overheat storage temperature and low of RH (Relative Humidity). Lack of water ensued: reduction of egg weight, dilation of air space, and reduction of Spesific Weight. The reduction of Spesific Weight and weight are use for egg quality detection. Eggs that storaged 3 months can decrease Spesific Weight (normal: 1,085). Dilation of air space can be detected with “Canling”.

4. Alteration Chemistry composition. It cause of overheat storage temperature. Kinds of alteration include: breakage of albumine, alteration of lipid, and other reaction that involve reaction with CaCo3 from eggshell. It will be known with different smell and volatile oils

5. Watery of egg substance. It is condition where is
viteline membran that bounding engg yolk and albumine was not strong enough.

6. Lost of CO2. It happen in the earlier period of storage. It cause of Baca lebih lanjut